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Jones Bell enjoys a distinguished reputation for representing insurance professionals against the myriad of civil and regulatory claims that arise in the insurance industry. The firm represents agents, brokers and brokerage firms against professional liability and unfair competition lawsuits, and represents insurers in connection with policy disputes. Jones Bell also provides counsel on trade secret protection, compensation programs, recruiting, producer retention, acquisitions and other operational matters affecting brokers and their affiliates.

Professional Liability

Broker negligence and other E&O type claims are on the rise as plaintiffs’ attorneys now routinely expand their sights beyond carriers. Jones Bell provides experienced counsel to aggressively defend insurance firms and individual professionals in civil litigation, including claims involving allegations of, professional negligence, coverage gaps, policy lapses, policy cancellation, misrepresentation, failures to disclose, fraud, and TPA and MGA errors.

Recruiting and Employment Transition

The movement and integration of personnel has become a source of litigation risk. Jones Bell provides legal counsel to insurance professionals who are leaving or joining a new firm, whether singly or as part of a group, including “pre-move” evaluations and advice regarding legal restrictions, adherence to duties, best practices for transitioning personnel, and counsel to personnel engaged in recruiting.

Producer Retention

Competition for key personnel is fierce. Jones Bell develops for its clients programs and incentives to retain production staff and other key employees, including employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, commission plans, equity and non-equity incentive compensation arrangements, stock awards and non-solicitation and non-competition enforcement agreements.


Jones Bell provides advice and legal counsel to firms and individuals buying or selling their businesses or their “books” of accounts, including stock purchases/sales, asset purchases/sales, book acquisition, and ESOPs.